Jun 28, 2014

Question To My International Readers...

So I received a letter a few days ago from my lovely penpal, Rachel, who lives in England. She said that her birthday had just passed and I want to do something special for her. For my birthday, she sent me a ton of Doctor Who goodies, which are very hard to come by where I live. We both adore Doctor Who. Anyway, I am trying to think of any candies or things she might like from the USA that maybe she's never had or can't get in the UK. 

I was definitely thinking of sending some seeds as we both love growing things. Are there any other small things she may like? Comments and insights are much appreciated!


Jun 17, 2014

Wedding Daze

I've always dreamed about my wedding. Long before I got engaged, even before I met my fiancĂ©. I guess I would be the clichĂ© little girl, drawing pictures of what the ceremony would look like, the dresses that me and my bridesmaids would wear, planning every little detail. The details of the drawings changed here and there over time, but one thing always stuck: I was GOING to have a pink and white wedding dress. Not negotiable. In middle school, I was looking on the internet at such gowns (doesn't everyone?) and found my dream gown. To this day, I'm in love with this gown. 

But, alas, I am not a wealthy person. I am trying to pinch pennies in every corner of the wedding possible while still keeping it beautiful and classy. 

Luckily, I am also a creative individule who for the most part knows her way around a crochet needle. And I also ran across this picture on Pinterest...

Isn't it gorgeous??? I could hug the girl that made it. She did it herself!!! So now that is the plan. To hand crochet my very own wedding dress.... Am I crazy?

Do you have an experience with diy wedding projects? Have money-saving wedding tips? Know anyone that made their own dress? Any advice or tips to keep me from losing my mind? Comment below and I'll reply!!

I'll just leave these crochet dresses right here....

Jun 6, 2014


So I know it has been a while since I posted an entry. I started an Instagram where I post all of my penpal in and out goings. I thought since I have the pictures on my phone, I would post them here for all to see. Tell me what you think!

Outgoing from today to a new penpal in Scotland!

Outgoing to my penpal, Samantha. I love my postmark washi tape and wanted to follow that theme a bit. 

Incoming from Samantha. She told me she is having a baby!!! I'm so excited for her! There is nothing like sharing news like that with penpals. 

Outgoing to my lovely English penpal, Rachel. I'm still kind of obsessed with the pictures inside the words! Trying to think of other designs to do with it. 

Outgoing to my penpal, Alexander. I know it looks girly, but would you expect anything else from me? I'm just a colorful, sparkly, bubbly girl! :-)

I also started a new venture, container gardening! I'm so proud of my leafy babies. This year I am growing short 'n sweet carrots, black seeded simpson lettuce, spanish onions, green onions, roma tomatoes, basil, oregano, chives, and chamomile. Can't wait to enjoy the fruits of my labor, or rather the veggies. Next year I would like to try potatos, berries, and maybe a small fruit tree. I'm also growing a spring flower mix, but I'm worried i wont see any flowers this year. :-( Opinions?

I am in the process of returning to school for Early Childhood Education. I am pretty excited about it. I have already met with the head of the department and learned that I completed most of the General Education credits I need in my first round of college. So all of my classes will pretty much be centered around child care and development. 

I am not sure if I mentioned this in an earlier post, but I found a nanny job in November. He was six months old when I started and now he is about to be 1. While I've been there, he has learned to crawl, walk, say a few words, eat solid foods, and cut 5 teeth with a 6th on the way (not a pleasant experience, but i love him anyway). I have to say, it is so magical to be a part of a child's learning and development, especially this early when they are hitting so many milestones. It makes you wonder which of the skills you were personally responsible for. There is nothing like knowing you played a part in the person a child grows up to be. 

And to announce the most exciting news to the world.....

I'M ENGAGED!!!! Daniel proposed on a camping trip we took for my birthday/ Valentine's day!!! We are planning on getting married in the Fall of next year. If you can't tell, my ring is three pink sapphires, which is my absolute favorite gemstone not to mention favorite color, surrounded by a few clear stones and sterling silver. I am in love with it! And him of course!

So I think that is all the updates from the last couple months. I will try to post more penpal goodies here once a week and anything else that I think you would like to see. Is there anything you would like to see here in the future? Let me know in the comments! Also, don't forget to follow me on Instagram! Username: dreamregardless

Take care!

Nov 14, 2013

Obsession Confession #2


I love rubber stamps! I don't have a very big collection, I'd say about ten tops, but I am itching to get my hands on more. I love the way they look when you stamp them. If the ink is thin enough, you get the little air bubble imperfections that make the images look so unique. I went into A.C. Moore the other day and almost passed out when I walked into the rubber stamp isle. I could feel myself starting to salivate looking at all of them (and I am not too proud to admit that).

I've seen that some people online even venture into carving their own rubber stamps. This is remarkable to me and also a craft that I would love to try! I'm afraid that I would get terribly confused though, since you are having to carve the image backwards from the way it will stamp. Could you imagine trying to carve letter stamps backwards? Even whole words??

When I find a job, I can assure you that I will be investing at least some of my money into my sad little rubber stamp collection as well as some pretty ink pads for them. I have wish lists on both my Hobby Lobby and Michael's accounts of about 60+ rubber stamps that I want. All I need is a steady income...

On a completely unrelated side note, anyone in the market for a new babysitter or nanny? :-)

Here are some of the stamps that I would love to invest in...

 Mermaid Wood Stamp, medium

 Inkadinkado® Hummingbird Wood Stamp, medium

 Inkadinkado® Bird in Flight Wood Stamp, medium

 Hydrangea Woodblock Stamp, medium

 Bicycle Woodblock Stamp, medium

 Inkadinkado® Bottle Row Wood Stamp, medium

 Inkadinkado® Butterfly Wood Stamp, medium

 Inkadinkado® Bicycle Wood Stamp, medium

 Inkadinkado® Carousel Horse Wood Stamp, medium

Do you like to use rubber stamps? How big is your collection? Have you ventured into carving your own stamps? I would love to know! Please drop by the comment section below to share your thoughts and just to show love!

Til next time...